Imagine a grey world without almonds, apples, or fragrant flowers…Sounds terrible, right?


Unfortunately, that’s the shocking future we face if we don’t work to help our most precious pollinator: bees. Far from being a niche concern, bees lie at the heart of our survival – and they have been dying at unprecedented rates. Their hard work is not only essential to healthy ecosystems, but to sustaining animal and human life too.

ibeestaking will donate 20% of profits each quarter to these fantastic charities


The World Bee Project

Using cloud computing technology have created the world's first globally coordinated hive initiative. This network provides data that can inform international actions to improve habitats, food security and national economies.

Combining the latest in cloud computing and world leading research experts, they can provide insights and knowledge to find solutions to the challenges of bee and biodiversity decline and climate change.

The Bee Conservancy

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Bees pollinate one in three bites of food we eat, as Bees disappear this has serious implications on both our supply chain and economies around the world.

The Bee Conservancy is a non profit organisation dedicated to protecting the Bees, safeguarding the environment through education, research, habitat creation and advocacy.