iBeestaking is run by myself, Matt and my colleague Jake. 

We are both crypto mad, namely Cardano and its coin ADA and believe the potential it has is going to be life changing across the world, but in particular Africa. Third generation coins like ADA have the advantage in that the every day person can make a passive income of it, without the need for any high tech equipment. You simply delegate your coins to a staking pool (they never leave your wallet) and this pool will validate the blocks for you (in a sense its like minding bitcoin but way easier).


Jake is the technical brains behind the project and has years of IT experience and is keeping this pool operational 24/7 and once we receive the required stake we will be producing interest for you at a rate of 5%.

We also both support the worlds ecosystem and both have concerns for the future if the population of Bees continues to decrease, it will ultimately lead the devastation around the world and we hope to be able to support some charities involved in the research and education to keep the Bee population at sustainable levels.

Please get in touch if you have any questions, or if you would like to contribute to the pledge in return for higher rewards.

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